Spanish Pronunciation

This page has 2 primary uses:-
  1. Use it as a reference page to learn the IPA symbols of the Spanish language.
  2. Use it to familiarize yourself with the sounds of the Spanish language if you’re just beginning your studies.
IPAExamplesListenEnglish approximation
bbestia; embuste; vaca; envidia best
βbebé; obtuso; vivir; curva between baby and bevy
ddedo; cuando; aldaba dead
ðdiva; arder; admirar this
ffase; café face
ɡgato; lengua; guerra got
ɣtrigo; amargo; sigue; signo roughly like wall, but with spread lips
ʝayuno; poyo; maracuyá roughly like you
kcaña; laca; quise; kilo scan
llino; alhaja; principal lean
ʎllave; pollo roughly like million
mmadre; campo; convertir;  comer mother
nnido; anillo; anhelo; sin; álbum need
ɲñandú; cabaña; enyesar roughly like canyon
ŋcinco; venga; conquista sing
ppozo; topo spouse
rrumbo; carro; honra; subrayo; amor trilled r
ɾ caro; bravo; amor eterno ladder (American English)
ssaco; casa; deshora; espita;xenón sack
θ cereal; encima; zorro; enzima; paz thing
ttamiz; átomo stand
chubasco; acechar choose
x jamón; eje; reloj general; México roughly like ham
z isla; mismo; deshuesar prison
IPAExamplesListenEnglish approximation
aazahar cup or father
evehemente set
idimitir; mío; y see
oboscoso roughly like sore
ucucurucho; dúo pool
IPAExamplesListenEnglish approximation
jaliada; cielo; amplio; ciudad yet
wcuadro; fuego; Huila arduo wine
Stress and syllabification
IPAExamplesListenEnglish approximation
ˈciudad [θjuˈðað] domain (stress)
.mío [ˈmi.o] moai (boundary)
This page focuses on the standard Castillian model of pronunciation, there are minor differences in pronunciation across the Latin American nations.

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