32 Italian Phrases To Help Beginners Keep The Conversation Flowing

People are often scared of getting into awkward situations where they have no clue how to express what they want to say, leaving them only with blank expressions on their faces.



However, by learning how to express things such as your level in the language or how to ask for clarification and help understanding or explaining, you can keep the conversation flowing and you open yourself up to a whole new dimension of language learning. Armed with these phrases, every native speaker you encounter is a potential tutor (if they’re in a good mood).


In English
In Italian
I only speak a little italian.Parlo pochissimo l’italiano.
I am learning italian, but I am only a beginner.Sto imparando l’italiano, ma sono ancora un principiante.
I have been learning italian for 2 days / 2 weeks / 2 months / 1 year / 2 years.Studio italiano da 2 giorni / 2 settimane / 2 mesi / 1 anno / 2 anni.
Will you correct me please?Potresti correggermi, per favore?
What does ___ mean?Cosa significa ___?
What does that mean?Cosa significa?
Can you explain in italian/English to me?Potresti spiegarmelo in italiano / inglese, per favore?
What does that mean in this context?Qual è il significato della parola in questo contesto?
What is the italian word for ___?Come si dice ____ in italiano?
Is this/that correct?è giusto?
Am I wrong? (Mistaken)Sto sbagliando?
Am I correct?Ho ragione?
Do you understand?Mi stai capendo?
I do not understandNon capisco
I want to improve my level in italianVoglio migliorare il mio livello di italiano
I need to practice italianHo bisogno di esercitare il mio italiano
Do you have time to speak with me?Hai tempo per parlare un po’ con me?
Can you help me to learn italian?Potresti aiutarmi ad imparare l’italiano?
Do you mind if we speak in italian?Ti dispiace se parliamo in italiano?
Can you please speak in italian? it helps me to learn.Potresti parlare in italiano? Mi aiuta ad impararlo meglio
How do you say ‘___’ in italian?Come dici ‘___’ in italiano?
I struggle with spelling / reading / writing / listening / pronunciation.Ho difficoltà a parlarlo / a leggerlo / a scriverlo / a capirlo / con la pronuncia.
Can you please repeat? I did not understand.Puoi ripetere per favore? Non ho capito.
I don’t speak italian fluently.Non parlo l’italiano fluentemente
I am confused.Non capisco bene.
I don’t know how to say it in italian.Non so come dirlo in italiano
Sorry (or ‘pardon’), what did you say?Scusa, cos’hai detto?
I’ve never heard of that.Non ne ho mai sentito parlare.
That makes sense.Ha senso.
That does not make sense.Non ha senso.
What’s happening? / What’s going on?Che sta succedendo? Che succede?
What do you mean by ‘___’ ?Cosa vuol dire ‘___’?
Can you speak more slowly?Può parlare più lentamente?

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