Spanish Pronunciation: Every IPA Sound (With Audio)

Spanish Pronunciation: Every IPA Sound (With Audio) post image

This page has 2 primary uses:-

  1. Use it as a reference page to learn the IPA symbols of the Spanish language.
  2. Use it to familiarize yourself with the sounds of the Spanish language if you’re just beginning your studies.


IPA Examples Listen English approximation
b bestia; embuste; vaca; envidia   best
β bebé; obtuso; vivir; curva   between baby and bevy
d dedo; cuando; aldaba   dead
ð diva; arder; admirar   this
f fase; café   face
ɡ gato; lengua; guerra   got
ɣ trigo; amargo; sigue; signo   roughly like wall, but with spread lips
ʝ ayuno; poyo; maracuyá   roughly like you
k caña; laca; quise; kilo   scan
l lino; alhaja; principal   lean
ʎ llave; pollo   roughly like million
m madre; campo; convertir;  comer   mother
n nido; anillo; anhelo; sin; álbum   need
ɲ ñandú; cabaña; enyesar   roughly like canyon
ŋ cinco; venga; conquista   sing
p pozo; topo   spouse
r rumbo; carro; honra; subrayo; amor   trilled r
caro; bravo; amor eterno   ladder (American English)
s saco; casa; deshora; espita;xenón   sack
cereal; encima; zorro; enzima; paz   thing
t tamiz; átomo   stand
chubasco; acechar   choose
jamón; eje; reloj general; México   roughly like ham
isla; mismo; deshuesar   prison


IPA Examples Listen English approximation
a azahar   cup or father
e vehemente   set
i dimitir; mío; y   see
o boscoso   roughly like sore
u cucurucho; dúo   pool
IPA Examples Listen English approximation
j aliada; cielo; amplio; ciudad   yet
w cuadro; fuego; Huila arduo   wine
Stress and syllabification
IPA Examples Listen English approximation
ˈ ciudad [θjuˈðað]   domain (stress)
. mío [ˈmi.o]   moai (boundary)

This page focuses on the standard Castillian model of pronunciation, there are minor differences in pronunciation across the Latin American nations.

If you use Anki spaced repetition software, here’s a fantastic Spanish IPA deck to help you memorize the sounds of the Spanish language.

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