6 Philosophies To Live By When Learning A Language

6 Philosophies To Live By When Learning A Language post image

Here are my top 6 tips applicable to any point in your language learning journey.

  1. Have a positive attitude towards mistakes - Every time you fail to remember something or don’t understand something at first, embrace it as a chance to learn rather than getting angry with yourself. Frustration will only impede your ability to retain information.
  2. Do something every day - Like the pursuit of most talents in life, you have to make it a part of your daily life and not a part that you dread.I like to think of language learning as a muscle, to keep it strong you have to exercise it regularly, if you get lazy, your hard work will go to waste.
  3. Experiment – We’re all neurologically hard-wired differently, and hence we respond differently to different modes of education. The best way to find the techniques and resources that work best for you is to experiment! Another benefit of experimenting is that it keeps things interesting, using the same resource and technique every day can become quite boring and demotivating.
  4. Cut the stress out of your learning - Stress inhibits your ability to retain information and also your ability to focus on the task at hand. Always find a peaceful place to learn, never study when you’re tired and if you get frustrated when studying, move onto something else and come back to it another time.
  5. Enjoy the process - If you can find ways to make language learning enjoyable and fulfilling, then the time spent with the language will fly past. Before you know it, fluency will look after itself without it ever feeling like it was hard work.
  6. Accept the difficulties and adapt - It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of dismissing difficult aspects of a language as pointless, over-complicated or just plain stupid. No matter how much you dislike these aspects, the rules of the language won’t change for you and so you have to maintain an open mind and embrace the challenge.


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  • devaraj murugesan March 4, 2015 6:02 am edit

    These tips are really very much inspiring. I am learning french now, for the beginner like me it gives positive feelings to go further and to attain my goals. Thankyou very much. Keep it up.


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