Italian Pronunciation: Every IPA Sound (With Audio)

Italian Pronunciation: Every IPA Sound (With Audio) post image

This page has 2 primary uses:-

  1. Use it as a reference page to learn the IPA symbols of the Italian language.
  2. Use it to familiarize yourself with the sounds of the Italian language if you’re just beginning your studies.


IPA Examples Listen English approx.
b banca; cibo   bike
d dove; idra   done
dz zaino; zelare; mezzo   dads
giungla; magia; fingere; pagina   jab
f fatto; fosforo   fast
ɡ gatto; agro; glifo; ghetto   gas
k cavolo; acuto; anche; quei; kaiser   scar
l lato; lievemente; pala   lip
ʎ gli; glielo; maglia
  roughly like million
m mano; amare; campo; anfibio
n nano; punto; pensare   nest
ŋ fango; unghia; panchina; dunque 
ɲ gnocco; ogni
  roughly like canyon
p primo; ampio; copertura   spin
r Roma; quattro; morte   rolled r
s sano; scatola; presentire; pasto   sorry
ʃ scena; sciame; pesci
t tranne; mito; alto   star
ts sozzo; canzone; marzo   cats
Cennini; cinque; ciao; farmacia   chip
v vado; povero; watt   vent
z sbavare; presentare; asma   zipper
j ieri; scoiattolo; più; Jesi; yacht   you
w uovo; fuoco; qui; week-end   wine


IPA Examples Listen English approximation
a alto; sarà    roughly like father
e vero; perché   roughly like pay
ɛ elica; cioè   bed
i imposta; colibrì; zie   see
o ombra; come   roughly like law (British English)
ɔ otto; posso; sarò   not
u ultimo; caucciù; tuo   too
IPA Examples Listen English approximation
ˈ Cennini [tʃenˈniːni]    stress
ˌ lievemente [ˌljɛveˈmente]   intonation
. tuo [ˈtu.o]   vowel border
ː primo [ˈpriːmo]   long vowel



These tables represent standard Italian pronunciation but there are a few minor regional variations.


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  • Elizabeth April 17, 2016 6:26 pm edit

    This is really great! Thanks for this, it’s exactly what I was looking for. I am doing research on the phonetics of Italian compared to English, and this was extremely helpful.

  • Michelle October 14, 2017 3:28 am edit

    Mille grazie. (or is it molto?). This is exactly what I needed. We are traveling to Italy soon and I want to be able to have at least basic conversations with the people we meet.

    Best wishes to you.

  • Murilo January 18, 2018 1:23 pm edit

    Great Job!! It helped a lot !

  • Lisa May 19, 2018 4:25 am edit


    I am doing a paper on Italian and English phonemes. Do you know how many phonemes are there in Italian that are not in English?

    And how many phonemes are in English that are not in Italian?

    Thank you for any help.



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