178 Spanish Words/Expressions For Talking About Football (Soccer)

178 Spanish Words/Expressions For Talking About Football (Soccer) post image

Here I’ve put together with help of a native speaker, what I believe is the most extensive list of Spanish football vocabulary on the internet, enjoy!

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to kickpatear
to scoreanotar
to markmarcar
to draw (equal score)empatar
to postponeposponer
to defeatderrotar
to knock out (of a tournament)eliminar
to counter-attackcontraatacar
to tackletaclear
to foulhacer falta
to shoot at goalchutar
to curlcurvar
to treat / give medical attentiontratar / dar atención médica
to take a free kick hacer un tiro libre
to kick offarracancar
to trainentrenar
to take the leadtomar la delantera
to lose the leadperder la delantera
to equalizeempatar
to blow the whistlepitar el silbato
to savesalvar
to blockbloquear
to head (to hit the ball with the head)cabecear
to cleardespejar
to centercentrar
to injureherir
to sprintcorrer a toda velocidad
Hacer un sprint
to slidebarrerse / barrida
to be cautionedser advertido
to send offDespachar
to attackatacar
to defenddefender
to interceptinterceptar
to passpasar
to whistlepitar
to dribbledriblar
to nutmeg (to put the ball though an opponent's legs)hacer túnel
to let it rundejarlo correr
to chip the goal keeperhacer un chip al portero
to deflectdesviar
to beat a man (to get past an opponent)sobrepasar
to lose a markerperder un marcador
to diveactuar
Caer de forma fingida
to feinthacer amague
to cheeranimar
to celebratecelebrar
to boo / jeerabuchear
to out-musclederrotar
to pull a muscledesgarrar un músculo
to be offsideestar fuera de juego
to dissentdisentir
to be on sideestar en juego
to apply pressureaplicar presión
to keep possessionmantener posesión
the playerel jugador
the refereeel árbitro
the manager/coachel entrenador
the teamel equipo
the oppositionla oposición
the youth teamel equipo joven
the defenderel defensor
the mifielder / the central midfielder el mediocampista /
El centrocampista
the forwardel delantero
the wingerel extremo
the strikerel delantero centro
the centre-halfel zaguero central
the defensive midfielderel mediocampista defensivo
the attacking midfielderel mediocampista atacante
the goalkeeperel portero
the substituteel sustituto
the punditel comentarista
the commentatorel comentarista
the journalistel reportero
the physioel fisio
El fisioterapeuta
the stewardel guardia
the assistant-refereeel árbitro asistente
the assistant coachel entrenador asistente
the ball-boyel pelotero
the groundsmanel encargado
the scoutel cazatalentos
the playmakerel que arma jugadas
the top scorerel máximo goleador
the stadiumel estadio
the pitchel campo
La cancha
the dugout / the benchel banquillo
the goalpostel poste de la portería
the crossbarel larguero
the penalty areael área de penalti
the 6 yard boxel área pequeña
the near postel primer palo
the far postel secundo palo
the kick off spotel punto de saque
the penalty spotel punto de penalti
the corner flagla bandera de esquina
the touchlinela línea de banda
the halfway linela línea de medio campo
the goal linela línea de meta
the standla tribuna
the dressing roomlos vestidores
the tunnelel túnel
the substitute's benchla banca de sustitutos
the turfel césped
the netla red
the turnstileel cabina de peaje
the bootla patada
the kitel kit
the warmupel calentamiento
the shortslos shorts
Los pantalones cortos
the jerseyel jersey
the whistleel silbato
a goal kickun tiro libre de meta
the shin padla canillera
the studel taco
the ticketel ticket
the season ticketel ticket de temporada
the captain's armbandel brazalete del capitán
the floodlightel foco
El reflector
the referee's bookel libro del árbitro
the red cardla tarjeta roja
the yellow cardla tarjeta amarilla
the championshipel campeonato
the leaguela liga
the cupla copa
the group stageLa fase de grupos
the knock-out stagela fase eliminatoria
the quarter-finalel cuarto de final
the semi finalla semi-final
the finalla final
the World Cupla Copa Mundial
La Copa del Mundo
the Champions Leaguela Liga de Campeones
the promotionla promoción
El ascenso
the relegationla relegación
the home legel partido en el estadio del equipo local
the away legel partido en el estadio del equipo visitante
a friendlyun partido amistoso
the fixtureel encuentro
the tablela tabla (de posiciones)
the seasonla temporada
an injured playerun jugadore lesionado
the scoreel marcador
the pointslos puntos
a bicycle kickuna patada bicicleta
a piece of skilluna pieza de habilidad
onsideen juego
offsidefuera del juego
a suspensionuna suspensión
the attendance numberla asistencia
an assistuna asistencia
level of fitnessnivel de fitness
a pulled muscleun músculo desgarrado
a goal scoring opportunityuna oportunidad de marcar un gol
normal timetiempo normal
stoppage timetiempo de interrupción
Tiempo de suspensión
over timetiempo extra
a penalty shoot-outtiros desde el punto penal
a shot on targetun lanzamiento preciso
a shot off targetun lanzamiento fallido
to deliberately handballtomar la bola con la mano deliberadamente
to accidentally handballtomar la bola con la mano accidentalmente
an indirect freekickun tiro libre indirecto
the recent formla forma reciente
the tacticla táctica
a crossun centro
a wide shotun disparo afuera
a backheelun taconazo
an own goalun gol en propia meta
a goalun gol
a great goalun golazo
a cornerun córner  
a throw inun lateral
the the resultel resultado
the victoryla victoria
the lossla pérdida
the squadel plantel
the matchel partido
a driven shot (hard kick)una pegada
the half timeel descanso
a team talkuna arenga

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