If you’ve already had a look around my website you will have gathered I absolutely swear by Michel Thomas audio courses to quickly gain a functioning level. The way in which the course logically progresses with vocabulary and sentence structure is ingenious . It’s amazing how fast you can start building your own sentences with this course and how well this information stays in your memory after study. The content is truly useful to real life situations covering all the day to day vocabulary for typical social interactions.

Well it’s recently been drawn to my attention that Michel Thomas Beginner Language courses are now available to Audible  Subscription holders (a great website run by Amazon.com). If you don’t have a subscription already you’re still in luck because you can get a free 1 month trial through this link. That’s more than enough time to finish the approx. 9 hours of audio (it will take you much longer than 9 hours to go through the course however). A total saving of around $120 – $135 if you were to buy them outright.

Here are links to the starting positions of each of the following languages:-

French UK US

German UK US

Dutch UK US

Spanish UK US

Italian UK US

Portuguese UK US

JapaneseUK US

Chinese UK US

Arabic UK US

Greek UK US

Polish UK US

Russian UK US

Not only can you can you find Michel Thomas courses, but also beginner Pimsleur courses too which do a great job of teaching you the phonetics of a language and basic vocabulary.



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